A tribute to Sir Percy Blakeney…

13 12 2005

I am an engineer. Confident about what I know, and simply not bothered bout the rest. I don’t believe in volume. Volume is good for Music. When it comes to my trap, the lower the better. I know what I m doing. I know why I do it. If the others go flabbergasted about why I did something the way I did it, its their problem.

I take responsibility. Responsibility which I have been entrusted with. Responsibility which I have taken up. I don’t believe in blaming others. Come to think of it. I advise ….only….if and only if the other is not wise to learn it on his own. In short, I think of solutions, Solutions to the madness around.

If people don’t want my solutions…. That’s again… their problem. I have nothing to lose. A share of the limelight has never been on the “To grab” list for me.

Some of the reasons, which have kept me away from Class Participation, the phenomenon that’s the rage of the season. The fight to see who can be the loudest. They are awarded marks for that!!! Somehow leaves me astounded…… marks for volume in class… Now what kind of pedagogy is that?

I don’t mind being a sucker. Like I said, I know what I m. The others view aint my problem. It is quite a life. Being the sucker, has its share of fun… in fact more.. than its share. Carrying it with me will be the hard part. A tribute to Sir Percy Blakeney.