26 04 2006

Well, nobody’s turned up so far. Today might just be the day. One of those days when you sit back, do nothing, but listen to the wind blow by. Breathe in deep and smell the sweet lavender….


Damn the fool who hurled the brickbat of a book.

“Wake up U Moron!!”

Now coming back to the sweet lavender….

The Bachelor Life !

23 04 2006

Summer of 2006 is teaching me a lot.

I m a paying guest. Bangiyappa gardens to be my residence for close to 10 weeks. No sight of a flower around let alone a garden. or was it that tuft of grass growing in the corner? Anyway a garden its called.

but for the lack of a garden, the lack of water, crowded rooms, the dog that prefers to “mark” (quite a pungent mark at that) the entrance as its territory, the place is damn neat.
The place is a quarter kilometre from where i work now. for company, I have in order of meeting Shifin, Aditya, Koushik, Anshul and Jinson. Aditya and Anshul, summer trainees themselves.

Anshuls trying his hand at cooking today. Must say hes quite the cook. Hes cooked a pasty Poha today. I used to despise this “thing” up there in Jamshedpur. But now, it tastes simply delicious. Guess I have higher priorities in my life now.

Only when you are away do u realise how close u were, how much u miss them. You now realise that u have one more chance, one more year to make it up, to be part of those moments, to carry with u those memories, to pick those bits and pieces….

Will be back.

Summer of 2006…..GET MOVING !!

18 04 2006

…”Summer of 2006″ …. I have it scribbled across the first page of my Summer Internship notebook. Started expecting the flow to be real smooth….right now bottlenecks all around. I guess its upto me to get around them…
An amazing project …lot to look forward to …a clear deliverable…..Everythings perfect….xcept
(Very Confidential !!! sorry…..)
Having to deal with the first Job. had a lot of expectations …….still do……but several closely held beliefs came crashing down.

“One cant be that Jobless !!”
Look at me Now………guess blogging will become more regular now

They definitely can’t leave me on my own !!”
(Coughing) If its about company, you have the desktop cat….. its upto to you to make your mark. Start with cutting wood for the pencil.

Quality work will be recognised ..”
not disproved yet………will see to it that it is not…..for now it still ain’t a myth….

Its not that I have nothing to do….I have lots to do in the Future ……theres this bottle neck in the fray. For all the “Operations” I learnt….this one seems to be THE ONE. Only time will tell…..

I ll fight …..will squeeze out…………. especially..when I have no other option.

Right now there’s blogger and stumble upon toolbar

….He He……..Thank God for small mercies.