I had to update it…

3 10 2006

Rishi’s started a new blog. All the blogs mentioned in the right hand bottom corner of the screen have been updated, in the last one month. Why would people read mine? I guess it is the repeatability quotient. People out there love reading sad poems, trying to understand what they mean. And when they do figure it out, it is Sharjah all over again.

We did it folks. I think I know what this bugger’s writing about. It’s about his girlfriend.”


(Coughing out Loud) Ahem… Sorry. Hate to disappoint you Pal. But let me leave you once again in the dark.

It is always good to not know something about someone.” Sheetal A. Mehra

Meanwhile, writing this blog with a renewed dedication to make it more frequent. Now for a more objective measure to a goal which so far has only been defined by my “efficiency” of meeting targets, which are not well defined.

I might have gone a little verbose there, but excuse moi. After all, I haven’t blogged for ages.

Lets see…… a new blog every third day…. Or every other day. Now let me get ambitious. Every day.

(Crowd yelling in the background)

(Panoramic view of the audience across the world, a la “Independence Day” breaking out into wild celebrations.)

(Silent Chuckle)

I wish.