Lesson 1 : Seek out the poor and hungry

25 11 2008

Missed the apointment yesterday… how could I hear it wrong? … 20 mins to go.. hmmm… should be enough…. Where is the damn place!!!

All the while I had been looking for a tall building. There it was, doing its bit to not distort the landscape, staying well below the radar.

“I have an appointment with the HR Head please!”

K. Everything’s in place. I notice a partially bald, sagely man in a room with glass doors look hither.



Hmmm. Bless him for entertaining me for an hour. Hmmm. Should have been convincing, or was I? Well he’s asked me to keep in touch. Given me his mobile number even.

“Keep in touch, but see that you don’t spam!!” …hmmm.. spam eh? “December is when we recruit. we might require some help then!”

Not without valuable lessons though. The ones that require branding are those below the Radar themselves. Take time to seek them out from the herd.

One day at a time … Sweet Jesus!