Day 8, Eurotrip 2009

21 05 2009

8th April, 2009, on the coastal route into Marseille.
We had been on the road for close to 5 hours, headed for this coastal paradise. A pretty stretch through winding hills later, we found our GPS locating our car at the edge of the second largest city in France, where we were welcomed by the surveyors of the sea.
The entire stretch along the harbour played host to the yacht’s of the Rich and Famous, in the thousands. For us backpackers with “Leisure” meaning nothing more than a cup of coffee in the morning, the endless array of Yacht’s almost seemed daunting.
Our Eurotrip itinerary allowed us just the one night in this maritime city. We had to leave a lot unexplored. At the risk of being termed banal, ‘Ain’t it all about the drive?!’.

You are an Inspiration!

12 05 2009


Some mercy for 7 months of hard living! Truth be told, nothing irks me more! At best, I smile and treat it as a compliment.

It’s not been easy. A fat cheque at the end of every month lets you know your place in society. All that remains now is a hazy memory of how it felt. I hope to get there someday. A depleting bank balance ain’t helping the conviction. I have begun collecting bills and tracking expenses. Trying to cut costs and prolong survival. Asking Dad money would be akin to surrender. The parties are still happening, but not all.

It might not have been a wise decision, especially the timing. But who was I to predict a recession down the corner. But now, existentialistic as it may sound, I’m forced to prove the decision right. There is no other choice, but a humble surrender to the torrential current of life.

There has been work. I have received payments. But nowhere close to what I would have earned had I continued my corporate career. but nothing comes close to the rushes I feel everyday with everyday tasks. Rushes I’d never felt working out of my cubicle on the 13th floor.

I have reached this stage where I’m forced to be at my maximum. Each peak giving me the acceleration for the next climb. The speed is exhilarating!

Entrepreneurship is definitely the ultimate ride!