Homeward Bound!!!!

14 08 2007
August 11th
Me landed home after a 2 month break. Home began to feel less like home. It’s begun to feel more like an obligation.I was invited for the TeK Music inaugarals, the club I headed in my final year in college.

I left that night knowing for sure…, I never belonged there. but the memories will forever remain. Of all those midnight practice sessions. Of waking up at 6 with the bass line buzzing in my head, taking a quick shower only to head straight to F-301, to pick my bass guitar, switch on the tape and play to the song.

I must confess, I never felt part of the group. Now after XL, after knowing all the possibilities. I know I’ll never get back. Definitely no, not for the music. but like i said, for the friends….

I was dying to get back to Bangalore….. to home. I’m beginning to love the freedom. It may come in the form of a sprouted Aloo lying in the vegetable tray in the kitchen …but yeah….its…

“that little place called Neverland …. where the world around you ceases to exist……wheres its just you and your dreams….”

So like i was saying .. back to job descriptions.

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Bangalore ahoy !!!

2 04 2007
The next chapter of my life moves to Bangalore. Will begin work soon in an HR consultancy there.. but before all this, need to zero in on the den.Bangalore is one of those places where finding a home is as easy as pie, courtesy the insane number of software professionals working there. I’ll hit bangalore sometime this week hoping to find a 3 bhk apartment, fully furnished somewhere near Frazer town for around 15k.

“Dude, I have one for now for around 17k.”

“17K!!!!! thats a little too much, don’t you think??”

“But split 2 ways??”

“Hmmm… fair enough, considering we can afford to spend so much now”

“Cooke town, Puravankara, swimming pool, Tennis court and the likes”

“Go on.. .its sounding better now”

“3 kms to where u work and 5 kms to my office”

“Can we keep a labrador? A black one?”

“Who takes it for the poo poo? and worse… what if it does it all over the room”

“What about a day care centre for the puppy?”

“Hmmm.. worth a look. There should be one right? considering its Bangalore”

“Forget that. What about the maid?”

“I’ll bring a chottu from Mirzapur. He’ll stay alright”

“Mirzapur??? In bangalore, There is a system of a cook coming in the morning to get your grub ready.”

“Theek hai. So I tell mom to stop looking for chottu??”

“Thats like almost 2 lakhs in advance. We don’t have that much money. We’ll get a CLA from the company. Don’t worry!!! Trust me, I’ve lived in Blore for 4 years before XL”

“Chup be…the old man paid for it then.”

“4 bedroom penthouse in malleswaram for 12k.. those were the rates back then. It could not have gone much higher…..”

Will know soon…meanwhile, I’ll continue plotting the way to office on google maps.

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Party Time !!

16 07 2006

27th May, 2006. D-day. The result of a month of hard work was to show in an hour. The venue – the Royal Orchid Plaza. I was really anxious to see it unravel before my eyes. Even more because of the large sponsorship we had notched. Shatdal and me had spent a lot of time on the field for the alumni meet and was in a way hoping for it all to end soon. It was not doing any good to our projects but our experience had taught us a lot. With the grades we boasted of I guess the decision was easy. Of the sponsors for the evening, Urban Yoga and MohanChoti were the biggest. We also had Canon sponsoring in kind with a Photo Shoot Studio. To make it even more memorable, everyone who took photographs that evening was given a XLRI titled frame to carry the photograph along.

Bodhi Tree graced the “festival” too and it was not long before we had the alumni swaying to the beats of GMD and XL Ki Kudiyan. Better still, I was at the drums. I still hold on to the drum sticks I used that night. Not everyone gets to drum live on stage for the Bodhi Tree! Some of the alumni went all out for the “Crooner of the Night” award and did well in the process. Think A+ sponsored in kind with Kids games and the kids were treated to good intellectual entertainment.

To increase the nostalgia quotient, the alumni were subjected to farewell videos of the 2005 and 2006 batch. It was no surprise when the familiar chant began to make its presence felt. We got a doze of 1…2…3…4 to open the dance floors. “We want a Wet Night experience”. Unfortunately Bangalore has turned into the epitome of merciless curfews. All hotels and restaurants were “obliged” to close by 11.30 to ensure that they remained “operational” the next day. Hence the wet night experience did not carry on very long. But on the brighter side, the biggest party, the biggest sponsors, the best chapter and to top it all the most enthusiastic bunch of summer interns.

…Viva XL Bang! … Viva XL!

Weekend with the King

9 05 2006

Had an amazing last weekend. I went to work on Saturday morning, trying to knot up loose ends of my “first” project. Was a few hours into it when Shatty called me up for the trip to Mysore. The decision was quite easy to make. Quite an “amazing” experience…7 of us …in a Qualis..Shatty, Ravi, Divya, Joyda, Manku, Misra and myself.

The Bangalore-Mysore highway was brilliant…… pride of the Roads Ministry, four-laned all the way, and quite scenic. To top it all, the highway also had a Coffee Day …from out of nowhere…where we stopped both ways.

The first stop that evening was Colonel Baileys Fort where Tipu Sultan used to torture enemy spies and soldiers….atleast that was what we liked to imagine…there was a cannon lying in the middle out of nowhere.. talk about running out of ammunition. We then headed for the Brindavan Gardens….a brilliant show of Fountains. will always remember the night. went on to get dinner in a Hotel with a “slightly” overpriced menu.

Then began the interesting part….went hunting for acco at around 12 after a grand dinner. Ravi remembered it having the suffix “International”….;-))…Mr International, we couldnt find. There were hardly any rooms in any of the other hotels….considering there was some festival happening. Finally we did manage to find a place that “fit” the international look…….;-))…… the door of the bathroom creaked and was delicately hanging on to its hinges….. There was a huge piece of rock in it..too…….Joyda held the contention that it was the physical fitness equipment….a Bench Press or something…….and finally the shower did not have the shower-head. so a fine trickle….. ….eh….. happened…..Everyone was wary about using the commode……Mysore was always a city of wars and battles…..and the commode confirmed it. There was sufficient proof of long battles there and the remains of war were for all to see…

Anyways..next day we visited the Mysore Maharajah’s palace.. Grandeur at its most elaborate….”Phew” a nightmare for the palace maid……daily exercise for people living in it…….Guess the King needed his exercise…

Anyways, soon after we left for somnathpur ….to check the brilliant architectural marvel of the 12th century…. the Narasimhan temple…..was simply brilliant…..and had a wonderful time ..with joyda and Divya explaining wonderful stories from Hindu mythology…..

Vijayshankar had called us in Mysore on Saturday inviting us for his birthday party on sunday….so we had to get back by 8 PM. We went home ( where I stay) planing to clean ourselves up but came to a hard realisation….with 7 others in the PG where I stay…..water wasn’t necessarily a luxury. Took our dirty selves to “Mainland China”… it was quite a huge gathering of around 20 xlers….of three batches ’05 ’06 and ’07……Ended it with brilliant dessert…….

“Bangalore…………….. is happening Dude….”

The Bachelor Life !

23 04 2006

Summer of 2006 is teaching me a lot.

I m a paying guest. Bangiyappa gardens to be my residence for close to 10 weeks. No sight of a flower around let alone a garden. or was it that tuft of grass growing in the corner? Anyway a garden its called.

but for the lack of a garden, the lack of water, crowded rooms, the dog that prefers to “mark” (quite a pungent mark at that) the entrance as its territory, the place is damn neat.
The place is a quarter kilometre from where i work now. for company, I have in order of meeting Shifin, Aditya, Koushik, Anshul and Jinson. Aditya and Anshul, summer trainees themselves.

Anshuls trying his hand at cooking today. Must say hes quite the cook. Hes cooked a pasty Poha today. I used to despise this “thing” up there in Jamshedpur. But now, it tastes simply delicious. Guess I have higher priorities in my life now.

Only when you are away do u realise how close u were, how much u miss them. You now realise that u have one more chance, one more year to make it up, to be part of those moments, to carry with u those memories, to pick those bits and pieces….

Will be back.