Goodbye sweet home Coimbatore city !!

25 05 2005
Will be leaving coimbatore in about two weeks. Quite a depressing thought to entertain. waiting for the huge wave of memories to hit me. Coimbatore was life. May you always grow this slow. Let not the world chase you down the busy boulevard of dreams. You always had the answer. You made my day for 22 years.
There are so many more to follow in these same rugged sidewalks. I ‘ve loved every crack in them. Can say they will love it too. Cause perfection rarely creates memories. And these memories are one I’ll treasure for a long time to come. The midnight walks. The Under-tree-outside-house conferences, forest college, Sweet Saibaba colony ! Every nook, every corner, a piece of me. A part so sweet to leave behind.
Will keep coming back to you. To relive these great memories and take with me some more. So here’s to coimbatore city, my world for 22 years. Here’s to you, to stay the same, to keep telling the world, “Yeah? It can be like this too !!!”

The Coimbatore Meet !

15 04 2005

Had a very normal day today… had the coimbatore ‘meet’ of XLRI2005-07 today.. I guess… the way the delhi people went about it…. a very nice place… met her face to face for the first time… .. had some pleasant conversation…. met her parents too … both working .. integrating security systems ..

had a little trouble finding her place though. her directions were right. i sumhow, read them wrong, i guess. to validate my stance anybody living in saibaba colony for 22 yrs.. would have done the same thing. its one of those things, where everyone says the right things, but still ends up wrong.

saw a “beware of dogs” sign on the gate.. looked out for the dog.. didnt find any… took the bold first step in.. expecting the dog to leap out of the bushes there… the place remained quite though

approached the door.. saw the first signs of security systems there.. searched for the bell…. it was a small box which also had a video cam…. she opened the door… felt at ease immediately…had trivial conversation for some time… realised that she struggled with her mother tongue too….

met her dad at the end of the ‘meet’.. got a detailed description of the route taken by the bokaro…. thankful for that… there were some people waiting to see him.. so made a quick courteous exit… we decided to wind up the ‘meet’ there….

went to college in the afternoon. while my batchmates pondered over the program, i sat idling away at the comp, taking up precious bandwidth. otherwise achieving very little. finished up a favour for the rep… 2 sadas at famous and i was on my way home…..

tried going through some investment brochures….Hmm…wasnt in the right mood for that.. gave up on it… will do some study tmw… and hopefully this blog will continue….