The concept of NOT going around…

22 03 2006

I am single. Not committed. In the society I grew up in, it would be considered quite normal. (quite a dismal picture actually) but where I’m now. Whattttttt ? Seriously ?? (single eyebrow raised!).

“U ….going around?”
“Seriously……..U must be jokin !!”
(or if the persons more on the “wittier” side
“Seriously…..come on…There must be some guy out there who likes u”)

The next 2 seconds are a nightmare. picture myself on my knees, outstretched arms
but…….people …..understand !!!!
Yeah, Somehow people don’t seem to understand the simple fact that I haven’t met the girl of my dreams. or rather “available” (talk about lingo …) girl of my dreams. It happens.
The next stage is the funniest. They give u the look reserved for people walking the gang plank.

“Not planning to go for the arranged stuff, are you?”. Let me confess here, I’ve always answered “no.”

The truth…….. in an other 6 – 7 yrs. (Hopefully!) btw You are all invited for the answer.

Can I blame it on my schooling?…. No…. happiest days of my life. Crushes have happened. But that’s all thats happened. Quite Sad. but status quo remains…

as long as I m okay with it.