The Yearbook Fiasco

25 03 2007

Working on the yearbook has been a frustrating experience. I’m glad it’s over or is it??. Let me not be diplomatic about it, it was shitty work and I have begun to loathe it.

A kaleidoscope of memories which has stamped the frustration deep in.


“What is your justification in a core committee?”
“Why not?”
“Because there was never a core committee…..There’s no one who’s stuck till the end!!!!”


“I wish he had helped me in the beginning. I’ve called him so many times.”
“He told me that he’d wanted to be on the core team right from the beginning. What was the justification for not taking him anyway?”
“He was in the design team right from the beginning!!!!!”
“Come on.. Its only natural… anyone would want to be on the core committee…”
“but… I have consulted him on all design issues…”
“Still come on… who wouldn’t want to be part of the core committee….”


“The CD… I ll take care of it.. I’ve taken responsibility right???”….


“Ek ghar mein dho yearbook kyun?”


“Yeah… we have the money. If you reach jampot, we’ll be able to give a hard copy. The printer needs a maximum of 10 days. We ll ask him if he can do it in a week. It should be possible. Meanwhile you reach jampot…..”


The economics of the yearbook. Friends can turn enemies just because they have a better incentive. Worse when they turn to emotional means of coaxing you to work.

Its not only passion that drives work, a certain amount of responsibility chips in. There have been numerous occasions where I have settled for the Softcopy.


Yet despite all this… there are some who go the extra distance to help you out. I would like to mention Tuhin and many others in this regard, who helped without much of an incentive, just the pleasure of carrying memories home. God bless.

But yes……….. The “credits” page “means” a lot.

I think finally the printer guy deserves a two page ad in the yearbook. He might end up shelling 30 k from his own pocket because the batch of 2007 decided to save some money for the “lean” times ahead of them.

Yes… A charity show to aid the cause of to-be corporate managers.
I know my blog is not much read.. but here goes…. Heres to you Mr Krishna

Goel Printers (9431180077)

The Full Circle

2 11 2006

Life in a B-School is no walk in the park. I learnt this the only way it could be. The summer internship process is to start in a few days here. I will fondly remember them as some of the most traumatic days in my life.

“shortlist aa gaya dost ….CTS… mein bhi kaat gaya” shouted a voice in the corridor.

my heart began to beat a little faster. The eeriness of GH3 made it a little harder for me to silence the excitement.

‘Please…god.. atleast now…’

Fear made me stay back. I opened up the ‘summers’ folder…quickly scanned the folder for the CTS application. Went through the answers .

‘No… nothing wrong .. here’

shut down my comp. The entire afternoon was spent in contemplation. went down for the 4.15 pm lecture. The board remained a blur throughout.

The previous nine companies had ditched me. I was one of the last 10 to be shortlisted. I had company in my roomie. We kept each other good company in fact. We never had to console each other, because both were in the same boat, heading nowhere.

s…sanj.. saur.. shiv…..

The weight pulled me down. It was becoming difficult to put on a brave face. The past seemed to have suddenly lost meaning. I walked straight on, fighting to keep the tears back. I did not want to call up home.

The rumination did not help much either. It was sometime later that evening that I got my first shortlist. It wasn’t a miracle. Everyone who applied were shortlisted. but comforting… yes….

Now, as I write this blog, with a PPO from EY (one of the 5 companies to have shortlisted me, including the one above) I can’t help but laugh to myself……. Life and the box of chocolates.

Vikky … yeah… I guess I did come the full circle.

Juniors……well…chuck it… Who am I to be advising anyway?……Enjoy the coming week.

Give me Red!!

4 08 2006

“No. Actually I don’t know what. It happened after the Bod…

At this point, the person is no longer looking at me. I begin to feel like a patient who’s just had the pleasure of having his scalp opened up by Dr. Hannibal.

“Did you see the doctor?”
“Then why don’t you!!!”

Others choose to simply flip over.

“Saji, Saji please look at us and give us all Conjunctivitis.”
(How much did you say is it going for in the markets?)

Funnier still are the ones who realise it is conjunctivitis in the middle of a conversation. The following is one I had with someone on the lift…

“Dude!! Kya? Just woke up?”
“Nahi yaar. Somethings gone wrong with the eye”
“IR Chootiye…”
“I don’t know… I don’t think its conjunctivitis…”

There is momentary silence. It’s like the other person had a sudden attack of claustrophobia. His whole body wants to cringe away and his mind preventing. The silence reigns, till we reach the 4th floor.

“Take care, dude!” Still looking away from me.

“Conjunctivitis” brings with it a bundle of goodies. I get to stay the whole day in my room doing things, which I’ve wanted to do for ages like reading a good book. The others don’t mind either. They would rather have you stay to yourself. It is one time when fraxing becomes legal. (For the uninitiated, to frax is to free-ride)

But it’s weird at the same time. I personally don’t enjoy people telling me I sleep a lot. I don’t. Conjunctivitis has given me the laziest-soul-on-GH4 look which I’ve begun to abhor. Right now, my only prayer is I don’t get to the point of wearing glasses like my super sexy Chief Minister.

Now don’t get me wrong here. No particular reason. Don’t think the fashion’s caught on in the North yet…

Party Time !!

16 07 2006

27th May, 2006. D-day. The result of a month of hard work was to show in an hour. The venue – the Royal Orchid Plaza. I was really anxious to see it unravel before my eyes. Even more because of the large sponsorship we had notched. Shatdal and me had spent a lot of time on the field for the alumni meet and was in a way hoping for it all to end soon. It was not doing any good to our projects but our experience had taught us a lot. With the grades we boasted of I guess the decision was easy. Of the sponsors for the evening, Urban Yoga and MohanChoti were the biggest. We also had Canon sponsoring in kind with a Photo Shoot Studio. To make it even more memorable, everyone who took photographs that evening was given a XLRI titled frame to carry the photograph along.

Bodhi Tree graced the “festival” too and it was not long before we had the alumni swaying to the beats of GMD and XL Ki Kudiyan. Better still, I was at the drums. I still hold on to the drum sticks I used that night. Not everyone gets to drum live on stage for the Bodhi Tree! Some of the alumni went all out for the “Crooner of the Night” award and did well in the process. Think A+ sponsored in kind with Kids games and the kids were treated to good intellectual entertainment.

To increase the nostalgia quotient, the alumni were subjected to farewell videos of the 2005 and 2006 batch. It was no surprise when the familiar chant began to make its presence felt. We got a doze of 1…2…3…4 to open the dance floors. “We want a Wet Night experience”. Unfortunately Bangalore has turned into the epitome of merciless curfews. All hotels and restaurants were “obliged” to close by 11.30 to ensure that they remained “operational” the next day. Hence the wet night experience did not carry on very long. But on the brighter side, the biggest party, the biggest sponsors, the best chapter and to top it all the most enthusiastic bunch of summer interns.

…Viva XL Bang! … Viva XL!

The Bachelor Life !

23 04 2006

Summer of 2006 is teaching me a lot.

I m a paying guest. Bangiyappa gardens to be my residence for close to 10 weeks. No sight of a flower around let alone a garden. or was it that tuft of grass growing in the corner? Anyway a garden its called.

but for the lack of a garden, the lack of water, crowded rooms, the dog that prefers to “mark” (quite a pungent mark at that) the entrance as its territory, the place is damn neat.
The place is a quarter kilometre from where i work now. for company, I have in order of meeting Shifin, Aditya, Koushik, Anshul and Jinson. Aditya and Anshul, summer trainees themselves.

Anshuls trying his hand at cooking today. Must say hes quite the cook. Hes cooked a pasty Poha today. I used to despise this “thing” up there in Jamshedpur. But now, it tastes simply delicious. Guess I have higher priorities in my life now.

Only when you are away do u realise how close u were, how much u miss them. You now realise that u have one more chance, one more year to make it up, to be part of those moments, to carry with u those memories, to pick those bits and pieces….

Will be back.

Summer of 2006…..GET MOVING !!

18 04 2006

…”Summer of 2006″ …. I have it scribbled across the first page of my Summer Internship notebook. Started expecting the flow to be real smooth….right now bottlenecks all around. I guess its upto me to get around them…
An amazing project …lot to look forward to …a clear deliverable…..Everythings perfect….xcept
(Very Confidential !!! sorry…..)
Having to deal with the first Job. had a lot of expectations …….still do……but several closely held beliefs came crashing down.

“One cant be that Jobless !!”
Look at me Now………guess blogging will become more regular now

They definitely can’t leave me on my own !!”
(Coughing) If its about company, you have the desktop cat….. its upto to you to make your mark. Start with cutting wood for the pencil.

Quality work will be recognised ..”
not disproved yet………will see to it that it is not…..for now it still ain’t a myth….

Its not that I have nothing to do….I have lots to do in the Future ……theres this bottle neck in the fray. For all the “Operations” I learnt….this one seems to be THE ONE. Only time will tell…..

I ll fight …..will squeeze out…………. especially..when I have no other option.

Right now there’s blogger and stumble upon toolbar

….He He……..Thank God for small mercies.

Goodbye sweet home Coimbatore city !!

25 05 2005
Will be leaving coimbatore in about two weeks. Quite a depressing thought to entertain. waiting for the huge wave of memories to hit me. Coimbatore was life. May you always grow this slow. Let not the world chase you down the busy boulevard of dreams. You always had the answer. You made my day for 22 years.
There are so many more to follow in these same rugged sidewalks. I ‘ve loved every crack in them. Can say they will love it too. Cause perfection rarely creates memories. And these memories are one I’ll treasure for a long time to come. The midnight walks. The Under-tree-outside-house conferences, forest college, Sweet Saibaba colony ! Every nook, every corner, a piece of me. A part so sweet to leave behind.
Will keep coming back to you. To relive these great memories and take with me some more. So here’s to coimbatore city, my world for 22 years. Here’s to you, to stay the same, to keep telling the world, “Yeah? It can be like this too !!!”