Less Said…

14 01 2008

“I don’t wanna dance, if you don’t want to.”

She looked up, a smile creeping up her face. “Yeah right!!!”

“Yeah right!!”

She looked down. He continued gazing at the dance floor.

She raised her head slowly. It had armed itself with that twinkled questioning smile, one eyebrow raised.

“I’m positive… anyway the floor looks a little crowded today.”

She asked for his hand across the table. He reciprocated. There were no words exchanged.

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26 04 2006

Well, nobody’s turned up so far. Today might just be the day. One of those days when you sit back, do nothing, but listen to the wind blow by. Breathe in deep and smell the sweet lavender….


Damn the fool who hurled the brickbat of a book.

“Wake up U Moron!!”

Now coming back to the sweet lavender….