August 5th

9 08 2007

9:33:36 AM

Finished checking my mail. About to check my new pair of earphones. Creative EP 630. Its all about Noise cancellation.

7:27 AM

Finished a round of foosball. Lost both games. Looking forward to a day of job descriptions for my client. Now how can I make it “fun”???

12:29 PM Melancholies
Do not mistake my reticence for ignorance.
I only wish to help. I might seem distant at first, but am hoping to bring us a lot closer. Forgive me for the tears I planted on your cheeks. The time is now,to come to terms with my own incongruence, to make decisions.
I should have long realised that it was just a silly masquerade in my own private world. I should have realised that the clothes I donned were to be shed sooner or later. Each time, I have detained the anguish for later, out of sheer fear. No more. These things are never supposed to be secret, Things to be loudly acclaimed. This two-faced dialogue with myself is drowning me. Pangs of jealousy, of sheer loss will always abound. It is hard to quell dreams I have fleshed myself, but I know I can change them. I am happy though that you deserve each other. If I nurtured the love, so be it.
We will get back in touch. For now, we need to go different ways. We each deserve the right to remember the world when each other never existed. Take in the new panorama. I have tried and trust me it is not that bad.
Hope, I will gratify myself with the hope of finding someone better. Probably she is just round the corner. It is not that hard to dream. And for now, my dreams keep me company. Reaching out to the world that I live in, but that I know does not exist.
Like Mr Fenn says, “You can learn to love almost anybody. All it takes is the decision!”

But yeah, you do not know what you got till it’s gone.

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Bangalore ahoy !!!

2 04 2007
The next chapter of my life moves to Bangalore. Will begin work soon in an HR consultancy there.. but before all this, need to zero in on the den.Bangalore is one of those places where finding a home is as easy as pie, courtesy the insane number of software professionals working there. I’ll hit bangalore sometime this week hoping to find a 3 bhk apartment, fully furnished somewhere near Frazer town for around 15k.

“Dude, I have one for now for around 17k.”

“17K!!!!! thats a little too much, don’t you think??”

“But split 2 ways??”

“Hmmm… fair enough, considering we can afford to spend so much now”

“Cooke town, Puravankara, swimming pool, Tennis court and the likes”

“Go on.. .its sounding better now”

“3 kms to where u work and 5 kms to my office”

“Can we keep a labrador? A black one?”

“Who takes it for the poo poo? and worse… what if it does it all over the room”

“What about a day care centre for the puppy?”

“Hmmm.. worth a look. There should be one right? considering its Bangalore”

“Forget that. What about the maid?”

“I’ll bring a chottu from Mirzapur. He’ll stay alright”

“Mirzapur??? In bangalore, There is a system of a cook coming in the morning to get your grub ready.”

“Theek hai. So I tell mom to stop looking for chottu??”

“Thats like almost 2 lakhs in advance. We don’t have that much money. We’ll get a CLA from the company. Don’t worry!!! Trust me, I’ve lived in Blore for 4 years before XL”

“Chup be…the old man paid for it then.”

“4 bedroom penthouse in malleswaram for 12k.. those were the rates back then. It could not have gone much higher…..”

Will know soon…meanwhile, I’ll continue plotting the way to office on google maps.

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Now that the Yearbook is out…

2 04 2007

I would like to make some clarifications, now that the yearbook is out.

The yearbook looks good in real. There have been a lot of work put in the yearbook and lot of work discredited as well.

Just to get down to more specifics. More Courtesies and credits.

The Photos on the Front Cover – Vishesh Puvadi
Brilliant shots of the academic block (aka Learning centre) taken by Vish from his room. There were several brilliant pictures of XLRI in his collection. Of the lot, it was a mutual agreement between us that these 4 deserved the cover in that, it captured fleeting moments of our stay at XL.

Negotiations with the Printer – Tuhin Jain 🙂
After….. all the hard work on the soft copy. There was still the small issue of getting the hard copy made. Fortunately our maxi chief held a lot of goodwill with Mr Krishna, and was able to pull off a brilliant piece of negotiation to get the entire yearbook done in colour for around 75% of the initial quotation. It might not sound like much. But folks, remember we are dealing in lakhs here.

300 Character limit – Sunil Koul
Our very in house Java god helped me out with nifty coding to put in the 300 character limit on the comments box in the yearbook site. Some of you went the extra distance to hack the system. If you did, Congrats and remember next time you might not be so lucky !!! 🙂

Collages – Hrishikesh Godbole
Our man was responsible for the beautiful collages in the yearbook (Between both sections) I would like to apologize as well here, as there were 4 more which did not make it to the yearbook. There was a lot of confusion in the last week of making the yearbook that we lost track of four of the collages he had made. It took him an entire night to make the collages.

Committee Writeups and Photos Collation – Arjun Srinivasan and Naqi Abbas
During the last week of compilation. The work piled on us from all sides. And we were sent help in the form of Arjun and Naqi who went about bringing order to the chaos. Scouting the huge database for photographs, articles and classifying them in order. It required several buzzes from their side to get some lazy Secys to send in their committee articles and photos.

Signature Hunting – Ashish Agnihotri
We were in need of signatures for getting the funding from the caution deposit. Agnihotri came forward to scout around collecting signatures from the junta in GH-3. It might sound small but to us that day, he was a life saver.


Things gone wrong

I would like to apologize on behalf of the yearbook team for any of the following errors.

  • Comments not being printed in the ranked order
  • AIS photo being put up in profiles (We tried hard to squeeze in time for shooting the better ones, but we had a manpower and time crunch)
  • Lack of enough collages in the yearbook. (As mentioned earlier, we lost them in the crowd of pictures.)

The descriptions were supposed to be a fun read. There could be some who found it offending or rather impossible to show it to their parents. Our apologies to them as well.


The Yearbook Fiasco

25 03 2007

Working on the yearbook has been a frustrating experience. I’m glad it’s over or is it??. Let me not be diplomatic about it, it was shitty work and I have begun to loathe it.

A kaleidoscope of memories which has stamped the frustration deep in.


“What is your justification in a core committee?”
“Why not?”
“Because there was never a core committee…..There’s no one who’s stuck till the end!!!!”


“I wish he had helped me in the beginning. I’ve called him so many times.”
“He told me that he’d wanted to be on the core team right from the beginning. What was the justification for not taking him anyway?”
“He was in the design team right from the beginning!!!!!”
“Come on.. Its only natural… anyone would want to be on the core committee…”
“but… I have consulted him on all design issues…”
“Still come on… who wouldn’t want to be part of the core committee….”


“The CD… I ll take care of it.. I’ve taken responsibility right???”….


“Ek ghar mein dho yearbook kyun?”


“Yeah… we have the money. If you reach jampot, we’ll be able to give a hard copy. The printer needs a maximum of 10 days. We ll ask him if he can do it in a week. It should be possible. Meanwhile you reach jampot…..”


The economics of the yearbook. Friends can turn enemies just because they have a better incentive. Worse when they turn to emotional means of coaxing you to work.

Its not only passion that drives work, a certain amount of responsibility chips in. There have been numerous occasions where I have settled for the Softcopy.


Yet despite all this… there are some who go the extra distance to help you out. I would like to mention Tuhin and many others in this regard, who helped without much of an incentive, just the pleasure of carrying memories home. God bless.

But yes……….. The “credits” page “means” a lot.

I think finally the printer guy deserves a two page ad in the yearbook. He might end up shelling 30 k from his own pocket because the batch of 2007 decided to save some money for the “lean” times ahead of them.

Yes… A charity show to aid the cause of to-be corporate managers.
I know my blog is not much read.. but here goes…. Heres to you Mr Krishna

Goel Printers (9431180077)

I’m not leaving my Bike!!!

18 12 2006

Somebody took my keys sometime back from Aravind. The set consists of two Bajaj keys with two key rings. If any of you have it, kindly return them to me. Sorry for the spam and TIA.

“Don’t take your bike, Saji. What will you be using it for over there? Its dange……..”

“Daddy, atleast there, I get to use it. I don’t want it rusting away here. I’ll take it on the same train anyway. There won’t be any issues transporting it there.”

It’s always hard convincing daddy. This time around, I sounded more responsible I guess. I had just won the debate on taking my bike all the way to Jamshedpur.

July 11
I took the bike to the station, made sure it was set to leave on the same train as me, the Dhanbhad express to Jamshedpur. I paid the guy who “embalmed” it 20 bucks just to make sure, it reached Jampot in one piece.

July 13th 2.30pm
Hopped of the Dhanbad express, went straight to the cargo compartment…… Searched frantically for anything resembling my bike.

“Guess the bums delayed it. Hopefully they’ll send it across the train scheduled to arrive the next day. “

I went on to the freight department and told them about my predicament. My Hindi was broken. I wouldn’t have gone very far without CM helping me with all the Hindi he knew.

“Bhaiiyaa. Isko bahut takleef hai”

I was told to come again the next day to check up on the bike. I went the next day again with CM, hoping to see some sign of the bike. Nope…none.
Days slipped into weeks. Three weeks on, I spot this kind gentleman at the freight department who resolved to trace the bike down for me. I don’t know what he did. but 3 days hence, i spotted the bike in the bike stand with all the embalming intact.
Did a quick check up and found the clutch hanging loose broken at the edges.

“Bhaiyya, Clutch ko kya hua?” , He glanced back. More of a grimace.

I could hear his expressions shout….”Come on sonny, I thought you wanted the bike !!! Do you think I rode it all the way here ??”

“Theek hai..Koi bath nahi…Leke ja raha hoon bhaiyya Thanks.”….innocence splashed all across my nonchalant face.

As I took my bike, the supervisor narrated the story of how my bike went all the way to Dhanbad, found no takers there and returned to Chennai. It was in Chennai when yours truly traced it. He managed to get it across to Jampot in one piece. As I rolled my bike out, he sported a grin. (lets say signing off in style) I handed him a hundred rupee note. (It was the least I could give!) “Kaafi hai bhaiya” “Thank you Sir” I thanked CM for all the help, took it to the nearest bunk, filled some petrol and was away to college, quite relieved that the Indian Railways was atleast this good. (Dante was also part of the several rescue attempts. Bro…If you read this, Thank you)

I looked out my window towards the bike stands. Hmmm… my bike stood right there. Unfortunately no keys. It sported a second skin of dust, though.

Sometimes, friends can turn out to be worse than the railways. But must confess, it has not been a totally bad experience. I have …gotten to use my bike. While the railways emptied the tank, friends always kept it full. I’ve never had to fill petrol (Probably thrice at XLRI… I m not joking!!!)

Right now, as I wait for some kind soul who took my bike to return the keys, (All I’m asking for is a bit of responsibility) I can’t help feel some kind pf remorse in not listening to my dad. Perhaps, the bike would have been better off at home.

I guess, the railways is a little better, it did bother to return my bike.
Friends, in the above rumination, for all purposes, is to be taken in context. I shall not be held responsible for any misinterpretation of the same.

The Full Circle

2 11 2006

Life in a B-School is no walk in the park. I learnt this the only way it could be. The summer internship process is to start in a few days here. I will fondly remember them as some of the most traumatic days in my life.

“shortlist aa gaya dost ….CTS… mein bhi kaat gaya” shouted a voice in the corridor.

my heart began to beat a little faster. The eeriness of GH3 made it a little harder for me to silence the excitement.

‘Please…god.. atleast now…’

Fear made me stay back. I opened up the ‘summers’ folder…quickly scanned the folder for the CTS application. Went through the answers .

‘No… nothing wrong .. here’

shut down my comp. The entire afternoon was spent in contemplation. went down for the 4.15 pm lecture. The board remained a blur throughout.

The previous nine companies had ditched me. I was one of the last 10 to be shortlisted. I had company in my roomie. We kept each other good company in fact. We never had to console each other, because both were in the same boat, heading nowhere.

s…sanj.. saur.. shiv…..

The weight pulled me down. It was becoming difficult to put on a brave face. The past seemed to have suddenly lost meaning. I walked straight on, fighting to keep the tears back. I did not want to call up home.

The rumination did not help much either. It was sometime later that evening that I got my first shortlist. It wasn’t a miracle. Everyone who applied were shortlisted. but comforting… yes….

Now, as I write this blog, with a PPO from EY (one of the 5 companies to have shortlisted me, including the one above) I can’t help but laugh to myself……. Life and the box of chocolates.

Vikky … yeah… I guess I did come the full circle.

Juniors……well…chuck it… Who am I to be advising anyway?……Enjoy the coming week.

I had to update it…

3 10 2006

Rishi’s started a new blog. All the blogs mentioned in the right hand bottom corner of the screen have been updated, in the last one month. Why would people read mine? I guess it is the repeatability quotient. People out there love reading sad poems, trying to understand what they mean. And when they do figure it out, it is Sharjah all over again.

We did it folks. I think I know what this bugger’s writing about. It’s about his girlfriend.”


(Coughing out Loud) Ahem… Sorry. Hate to disappoint you Pal. But let me leave you once again in the dark.

It is always good to not know something about someone.” Sheetal A. Mehra

Meanwhile, writing this blog with a renewed dedication to make it more frequent. Now for a more objective measure to a goal which so far has only been defined by my “efficiency” of meeting targets, which are not well defined.

I might have gone a little verbose there, but excuse moi. After all, I haven’t blogged for ages.

Lets see…… a new blog every third day…. Or every other day. Now let me get ambitious. Every day.

(Crowd yelling in the background)

(Panoramic view of the audience across the world, a la “Independence Day” breaking out into wild celebrations.)

(Silent Chuckle)

I wish.